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April 7, 2021

Parking Structure Skateboard Couples Session

Hello CUTIES!!!! Meet Vina and Shane—the cutest quarantine couple you’ll ever see! I’ve known Vina since freshman year at college and let me tell you—she’s spunky, artistic, and fun. When I first met Shane, I was blown away by his kindness and passion for skateboarding (he literally works in the skateboard industry!) The two of them? The perfect match.
We met up and had the shoot of our lives 🤘 We put some jams on and had a great time. As the sun started to set, we moved up to a parking structure to photograph them with a sick Mazda 3 (what a VIBE)!!! After a few fun car shots, we moved onto taking sick photos of them skating around having a blast.
All in all, it was an incredible session! When you mix something you love (skateboarding) with someone you love, it’s going to guarantee a fun photoshoot.

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