Business & Photography?


I’ve been there-- shooting a couple on the beach and rushing home to edit them so I can both practice my skills and serve my clients well. There was always a mix of excitement and nerves.

But friend, you can do it!

Whether you're learning more about how to use your camera to its fullest potential or how to get your first few clients…it can feel like the learning curve is too steep.

Starting out as a photographer can be… overwhelming. Right?!

Here’s what I know: There are two times when my business grows: When I am investing in education, and when I am practicing my craft.

As I encourage you to invest in education, my promise is that I will still be investing in my education as well. Together, we can grow and serve our clients with excellent experiences and photographs.

I’m here for YOU—to help you in your business and photography. 

When I started my photography journey, I wished there was an all-inclusive resource about becoming a photographer. I took courses and soaked up all the free resources the internet could give me.

But I wanted a person to guide me. Someone to talk me through the exact settings to use on my camera or how to turn the likes on my pretty Instagram photos into paying clients.

You don’t have to go at it alone!

We’ll meet up at a coffee shop in Orange County, California, and spend 2 hours chatting all about your business, work, and going through literally ANY questions you might have—I’m an open book!

But the learning doesn’t stop there…

Once we’re done, we will head to a mini session that I set up and work on posing and other session topics. 

After, we will grab a bite to eat or drink and walk through backing up images and going through all of the images you take! Long story short—this is the all-inclusive package that will get quite literally all of your questions answered.

starting at $750

in-person photo session

It's time to grow a sustainable business that you love running. Through my 3-month coaching program, we will dive DEEP into your business operations, problem solve all your questions, and help you grow your business. This program is for business owners who feel stuck and want to grow, but you're not sure exactly how.

We will hop on an hour-long zooms twice a month PLUS you'll have access to me through the voice messaging app, Voxer, between meetings. 

If you're ready for your business to grow like never before, this is for you.

3 months, $450/month

1-1 Coaching

If you’re looking for two hours of uninterrupted time to focus on up-leveling your photography skills and business, this is for you. We will hop on Zoom and dive into your photography and business. Any and all questions are accepted and honestly, encouraged!

It's two hours that could potentially change your business. The best part?

We can split it up into 2 sessions so that a month later we can talk through any follow-up questions or implementation questions you might have.

2 hours, $600

Mentor session

The support you need:

You're in the right place. Welcome to the Candid Community.

Wedding photography tips

Instagram basics

Client Communication


Posing your clients

Building a portfolio

Camera settings

If you're looking for courses, products & freebies about...

This is my sweet friend, Morgan, and we have created The Candid Community—an education space and community for beginner photographers.

WELL, if that sounds like you friend, WE GOT YOU. 

inquire for a mentor session