Sarah Yates

Yes, it’s your wedding day. But it’s also about the day you met, your first kiss, the first time you said I love you.

It’s about the awkward moment when you brought him home to meet your parents, and the looks you gave each other across the dinner table. 

It’s about the family you want to create, the legacy you want to build.

It’s about the big and small stuff...your nerves about the way you look and hoping the dance floor feels like everyone’s best night ever. 

Your experience matters—
let's talk about you.

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This is a big, important day for SURE.

But it’s also a day with stories about hilarious bridesmaid toasts and that moment when you look at the audience and see the most important people in the world cheering you on.

Friend, it’s real, and it’s GOOD.

...and let's have some FUn!

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Want the “OMG OBSESSED” moment when you look at your wedding photos?

That feeling where there are literally no words in the English language to describe how you feel about your wedding photos doesn’t happen by accident.

When I say I want to share your truest love story, I mean it. That looks like me getting to know your go-to-cocktail, which aunt miiiiight want to own the dance floor, and how important it is to feel good in the dress you dream about every night.

I’ll take a lot of pictures, but no one will feel like they have a camera constantly in their face. I won’t block Grandma Sue’s view during speeches. I will move quickly and quietly. I’ll show the back of my camera to some of your BFFs so they can hype you up. You look freaking awesome on your wedding day—and you will look the same way in your photographs.

From inquiry to when I send you the text a week after your wedding with the sneak peeks, I'll be cheering you on. 

I’m here for the whole love story you and your fiancé have created, and I want to tell the realest version because, let’s be honest— it’s the best version.

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You want images that are true to who you are.

You want a professional photog, not your cousin’s friend who “takes good photos.”

You love golden light and real colors.

Your most recent emojis include 😍 😭 #weddingplanning

You not-so-secretly can’t wait for the dance floor. 

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You have a dog or cat that functions as your first baby. 

You want your wedding photos to be clean and sharp.

You value experiences over things. 

You're really excited to be married. Like, it's going to be the best.

You’re already screaming I’M IN WHERE DO I BOOK!? (Right here. Didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, did you?)

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