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I'm Sarah

Your new friend.

Nice to meet you! I'm Sarah Yates. I'm a full-time wedding photographer and photography educator based in Southern California.

I moved out to California from Minnesota, trading cold winters for endless summer. I truly believe that I have the best job in the world—to make moments last lifetimes.

My biggest passion in life is listening to the human experience and being able to capture it and tell stories through photographs. I could never figure out how I wanted to pursue this passion until I picked up a camera. 

The center of my life? Jesus. I truly believe that I have been called to document and share meaningful stories and share the love of Christ with others.

Here I am, years later, doing the thing I love the most—meeting new people, capturing their true emotion, and telling their stories.

While I am a wedding photographer, I have also been a bride. Back in 2019, I married my sweet husband, Jeffrey, and let me tell you—my perspective on weddings changed.

As we started to plan our wedding, I realized something—it's better (and easier) to plan a wedding that's true to YOU than a wedding that is trendy and in-style. I also gained a new understanding of how important it is to pick wedding vendors you LOVE.

Since you're most-likely diving into wedding planning, let me give you one piece of advice—stay true to you and your love. Your love story is unique and meaningful, let it be told with integrity and authenticity. Learn more about how I approach wedding photography below.

Dating — 2015
Engaged — 2019
MARRIEd — 2019

Trust me, I've Been there before.

Sarah & Jeffrey's love story

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JUN — Denver
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