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You're feeling stuck. Burnt out. Confused. Apathetic. Sound like you? Not any more. Welcome to my store and education site for wedding photographers. Since 2021 I've been helping photographers hone their craft and increase their business and revenue. It's been a joy to pour into so many photographers, and it's time for you to have your cup filled. That's where I step in. Whether you're looking for some quick help in your workflow or need an in-depth look into your business, you're in the right place.

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Having Sarah Yates as a mentor changed the trajectory of my business completely!!! I came to Sarah hoping to perfect my client workflow to not only get more inquiries but to help turn those inquiries to happy clients and deliver a perfect wedding photo experience. We talked through so many aspects of running a photography business in our few weeks working together and ever since my business has been taking off. The best part of my mentorship with Sarah was meeting up to do in-person behind-the-camera portions and discussing how to talk with couples and lead them through a photoshoot or wedding day. Sarah has taught me SO many invaluable lessons and I am so so grateful for her knowledge and dedication.

"Sarah Changed the Trajectory of my business"

- Laura

Mentor session


This is a great opportunity if you're a bit timider to invest (or not able to!) OR you have very specific questions you'd like to ask or problems we can solve together. We'll hop on a Zoom and go through everything we can within 2 hours. You'll have filled out a detailedquestionnaire so we can dive straight into your business.

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Business Coaching

3-months of

If you're ready to exponentially grow and sustain your business, this is for you. We'll hop on a Zoom call for 2 hours each month and do a DEEP dive into your business. You'll also have 24-hour access to me on Voxer and can ask me anything at any time. The commitment is 3 months but you can extend at anytime.

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mastermind day


If you're really wanting to improve your photography craft, this is the session for you! We'll meet at a coffee shop in Orange County, CA for an hour and go over your work. Then, we'll head to a styled shoot (that I'll create specifically for you). Afterward, we'll grab drinks and go over editing & any other photo questions you may have.

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"Where do I even start?! Coaching with Sarah was such a huge blessing and a great kick in the pants. We covered everything from, pricing, how to organize money and business, to client experience, and SO much more. After each session she would give out a little bit of homework based on what we had just covered. I never once wondered how do I do this homework since she had already given me all info and insight. I also loved that she gave me the option to Voxer her any questions I had in-between our monthly calls. Overall, ILOVED working with Sarah and I’m so excited to tackle everything we talked about and grow my business!! If you are on the edge and not completely sure if coaching with Sarah is right for you, JUST DO IT!! Even chatting with her about how hard or fun something was extremely helpful and encouraging and was worth the investment 100%."

"If you are on the edge and not completely sure if coaching with Sarah is right for you, JUST DO IT!!

- Allison

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