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April 6, 2021

Golden Couples Session along the Laguna Beach Coast

Esther and Eliab are two of the most joyful people I’ve ever met. I went to college with Eliab and he lived on Jeffrey’s floor for one year and so we got to know him pretty well. Fast-forward to Jeffrey and my engagement party in May of 2019. Everybody is just leaving and we’re saying goodbye when Eliab and Esther arrive to say congrats! It was our first time meeting Esther and WOW, she is radiant! We all chatted for nearly an hour and we became big fans of them as a couple 🤘

Again, a quick fast-forward to March of 2020, Esther and Eliab were engaged 💍 and we were over in Laguna taking their engagement photos. It was the last session I did before the lockdown 🤯….so a year when Morgan and I needed a couple to model for us, we knew exactly who to call  📞 

Check out Esther and Eliab’s golden hour engagement session below ⤵️

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