The 2021 wedding season is in full swing, but I thought it’d be an appropriate time to chat about what I keep in my bag on your wedding day. But, there’s a lot. I truly believe in backups and things to have in those “just in case” scenarios. So, this blog post will be broken up into two sections. Today, we’ll chat about the physical photography gear that I bring in my suitcase on your wedding day, and next month we will cover what other things are in my bag on the day of your wedding.

2 Canon 5D Mark IVs—These are the two camera bodies that will never leave my hips on your wedding day. They are incredible camera bodies that capture beautiful color, and are secure with 2 different slots for memory cards; this is the primary reason I use the Canon 5D Mark IV camera body. Some professional, full-frame cameras only have one slot for a memory card…but what if that memory card corrupts or something happens to it? That’s a big no for me. I always have a SD card and CF card in my camera bodies at all times. Backup upon backup.

SD Cards—I use the SanDisk 64gb 125/fps SD Card. I use the 64gb because it’s big enough so I only need a few during the day, but small enough so that if something happens to it, I didn’t waste $75 on an SD card. My favorite part about the card is the 125/fps (frames per second). This means that it writes images quickly and efficiently on the memory card. This is essential because during a first kiss you want to be able to take 30+ frames within a few seconds and you don’t want your memory card lagging. 

CF Cards—Since I use the Sandisk 64gb 125/fps SD Card, I match it with the exact same CF card. If I used a slower CF card, it would slow my camera’s ability to write images quickly. These can get a bit pricey, but having the backup is worth every penny.

Memory Card Case—I use the XXX case for the SD cards and the XXX for my CF cards. These are just personally the ones that I have come to know and love! I always keep these in my fanny pack so I have the cards on me when I need to switch them out.

Lenses—This is the fun part! I use 3 different lenses throughout a wedding day.

Canon 35 mm 1.4/f—This lens is always, always on my camera (or on my second shooter’s camera). It’s the most versatile lens I have used. From engagements and weddings to births and portraits, this is the lens I use. I personally don’t go down to 1.4 very often, but I love the flexibility in aperture that it has. It also is the most “real life” lens in my opinion. Say my couple is 5 feet in front of me, the 35 mm lens will make the image look like my couple is 5 feet in front of me. It’s best during getting ready, bridal party, romantics and dancing photographs on your wedding day. (I also keep a spare Sigma 35 mm 1.4/f in my bag just in case)

Canon 50 mm 1.2/f—I used this lens once and fell in love! I had been using the Canon 50 1.4/f and while it was good, the 1.2 creates creamy images that are sharp and creates beautiful bokeh (if you want it to). I love using this during ceremonies, romantics, and speeches. 

Canon 70-200 mm 2.8/f—This huge lens is perfect for your ceremony. No matter how big your ceremony space is, this lens helps me get nice and close up to you without being in the way. I love using this during ceremonies and speeches on your wedding day.

Flash—Once the sun goes down, it’s time for flash (or if you have a darker indoor venue). I was using the ai-ex ii last year, but after having multiple focusing issues, I decided to upgrade to the xxx. It’s top of the line, fast, and easy to manipulate the light. There’s not much more to say besides it’s literally the best flash. (I also keep 2 spare flashes in my bag at all times just in case!)

Batteries—I use the standard Canon batteries for my 5D throughout the day and keep about 4 extra on me at all times. I also bring the chargers, just in case. For flash, I use the Eneloop batteries and bring spare AA’s just in case. The Eneloop batteries are rechargeable and fast when it comes to recharging my flash. 

Cleaning Kit—I always, always give my gear a quick clean before a wedding day, but I also bring my small cleaning kit just in case my lens gets dust, sand, or water on it.

Blackrapid dual camera harness—To carry my cameras throughout the day, I choose to wear the Blackrapid dual camera harness. It’s incredibly sturdy, comfortable, and the best part? Machine washable. It frees up my hands when I need to put my cameras to the side, and is easily adjustable. 

On your wedding day, you can pretty much expect to see all of this gear at some point or another! It’s quite the investment, but all of this gear helps me give you incredible, high-quality photographs that will last you a lifetime.

Come back next month for part 2 of what’s in my wedding bag, where I will chat about what other things I bring to your wedding day.


What’s in my wedding day gear bag? Part 1: Photography Essentials

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