Alright, my friends. I know you’ve seen them before. The “Welcome to Our Unplugged Wedding” signs. I truly love the aesthetic and message of them, but let’s be honest… not everyone is going to read the sign. Aunt Cheryl is still going to take our her phone as you’re walking down the aisle if she missed the sign. 

That’s why I want to let you in on my best kept secret to a phone-free ceremony: 

  • Have your officiant make an announcement!
    • Before the bride walks down the aisle and iPhones clutter the scene, have your officiant announce it is a “Phone Free Ceremony” BUT…
    • Once you are up at the altar, have your officiant tell everyone to take out their phones to take a picture and then immediately put their phones away. And as they do this, you get to turn around, smile, and see everyone who is at your wedding.

Your officiant is going to save the day with this simple announcement – and your guests will LOVE getting to still snap some pics of the bride & groom.

My husband (Jeffrey) and I did this at our wedding and we wouldn’t change a thing. It was so heartwarming for us to turn around and see so many people there to celebrate with us on our wedding day.

What’s one way you’ve seen people have a phone-free ceremony? Comment below!

How cute is this photo from Jeffrey + my special day!?! Photo Credit: Christina Erickson


My Number One Tip for a Phone-Free Ceremony

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