If you’ve met any photographers, I’m sure you’ve found yourself wondering why they chose the career that they did. As a full-time wedding photographer, I love to share with my couples my “why”. I feel like posing that question is so important to help couples decide if the photographer is right for them as a couple. Because trust me, you want a photographer who has good intentions and a true passion for the art of photography. So here we go, friends – if you’ve ever been curious as to why I became a photographer, this one’s for you!

Storytelling – 

The number one reason I became a wedding photographer was because I have such a passion for storytelling. But not just any story… Love stories. I am convinced that there is no better job than watching love unfold. Helping couples write the next chapter in their story is such an honor. 

Maintaining Integrity – 

When it “clicked” that I had a passion for weddings, I was planning my own wedding to my sweet husband! Being immersed in the “wedding world” had me spending a ton of time scrolling PInterest and Instagram. But what became quickly evident to me when scrolling was that the photos didn’t look like real life. I knew right away that I wanted my wedding photographer to capture the day exactly as it was. 

So when I became a photographer,  I knew how important it was to me to maintain the integrity of true colors. I find so much comfort in knowing that someday, my grandkids will look back at the photos taken at my wedding and know that they are seeing it just as it was

Capturing authentic love and true tones are what push me to be the best wedding photographer I can be. If you’re searching for your dream wedding photographer, I urge you to ask what their “why” is. I will forever hold my reasons of why I became a photographer close to my heart. 

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Why I Became a Photographer

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