One thing that tends to surprise my potential brides and grooms is that every single one of my wedding packages includes a second shooter. It’s not an a la carte item, there are no additional fees—that’s just what I do. I firmly believe that having a second shooter is necessary at weddings.

Sometimes my clients ask me “why?” or “what’s the importance of having a second shooter,” so today, I am here to tell you the 4 reasons why all of my wedding packages include a second shooter.

  1. It’s nice to have an extra set of hands. As a wedding photographer, my main objective is to, of course, shoot the wedding. But oftentimes I need to wrangle up the groomsmen, find the mother of the bride, or other random various tasks. This is where my second shooter comes into play. They play an imperative role during family photographs. My second shooter is the one grouping people together so that we can the photographs as quickly and as organized as possible.
  2. It saves time. If my bride and groom have a shorter day-of timeline, my second shooter becomes absolutely essential. For example, they can be photographing the groomsmen while I finish up getting ready photographs for the ladies. If my couple is choosing not to do a first look, having myself and a second shooter is necessary in order to get all of the photographs taken.
  3. Different Angles. I only have one body…surprise! I simply cannot be at two places at once. I love having my second shooter capture the groom’s tears as his bride walks down the aisle, while I photograph the bride and her father. By having two of us, we can be capturing the exact same moment, at two different angles.
  4. Backup for Images. I take every precaution and step to ensure that nothing happens to your images throughout the day. I use multiple cards and multiple cameras, but I can rest easy knowing that my second shooter also has multiple cards and backups throughout the day.

Simply put, my second shooter is there to wrangle people, save time in your timeline, capture moments from different angles, and lastly, to ensure that you have every single memory captured. They are essential to me and how I run my business, so I believe that it is only right to include them in your wedding package.

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The 4 Reasons Why All of my Wedding Packages Include a Second Shooter

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