Last night I was listening to Stevie Wonder and of course, the first song to play was Sir Duke (a personal favorite of mine). The lyrics talk about how music brings people together and as he puts it “a language we all understand.”

I’ve always been a fan of creating playlists so I could be listening to the best music for each scenario. For example, during my junior year of high school I created a playlist for my drive to school, my conditioning class, my club volleyball practice, and a worship playlist. This was just the start. Now, I make sure to listen to my Discover Weekly on Spotify and create playlists for every month. I love going back and listening to songs that I found and spoke to me in those months.

Long story short, I love music. When I met up with my first couple for a photoshoot, I knew I had to play some music to set the mood. Within a few weeks, I bought a Bluetooth speaker that attaches to my hip and without fail, I bring it to every session. My couples always comment on it saying that it helped them relax, breathe, and feel comfortable.

So, I thought I would share a few different playlists with you! I have curated these playlists for each situation and mood. Feel free to “Save” them on your Spotify and take a listen!

Moody Melodies

I recently revamped the playlist I use at my couples sessions. With over 4 hours of music, it’s filled with slow songs, fun-loving music, and easy music to dance to.

Wedding Party

I also recently polished up this playlist and filled it with classic jams and new bops to get your wedding party AMPED!


Here is a playlist for you to listen to as you’re chilling or working from home! It mostly contains slower songs, so it’s perfect to play in the background.

I hope you head over to Spotify, give them a listen, and save them if you enjoy the music! If there are any other playlists you’d like me to create, let me know! My Spotify is filled with easy-listening, indie, and folk music.

Want to hear the music for yourself at a session?



3 Playlists You’ll Want to Save Immediately

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