As a wedding photographer and a past bride, believe me when I say, your engagement photographs are important. Besides getting the chance to meet your photographer and become comfortable in front of the camera, these are the photographs that you’ll share. These are the photos you’ll be posting all over social media, your family will be sharing on Facebook, and some might even make it on the save the date or invitation! So, I want to let you in on my number one tip for choosing your engagement shoot outfit(s).

When it comes to photography, I want to capture the real you—not just some version of you that’s all dressed up in an outfit that feels uncomfortable. I want you to look back at the photos and say, “YES! That’s totally me! (and I look GOOD!).” I’ll take the photos and you bring the cute outfits—deal? But, “Sarah, what do I wear?!” Girl, I got you!

If I’m taking your engagement photographs, (which are INCLUDED in a wedding package….just sayin’), I’ll send you a full digital guide on how to pick your outfits. It’s jam-packed with tips and examples. Here’s a sneak preview along with my number one tip on how to pick your engagement shoot outfit:

Wear your outfit a few times BEFORE the shoot.

Please, PLEASE wear your outfit once or twice before your shoot! I want to ensure that you are comfortable in it! Maybe even take a few cute selfies/self-timer pictures in it to make sure you feel great!

Story time: Jeffrey and my first engagement shoot (yes, we had to do 2 shoots because the first one was NOT a good experience) was pretty out of the blue and I ended up buying us outfits from Target a few hours before the shoot. While the outfits looked great in the fitting rooms, I didn’t realize…

1. My shirt was a bit too tight and let’s just say it was NOT flattering in every shot.

2. Our outfits were SO DARK that our photos ended up looking really moody (pretty, but not our style).

The whole shoot I felt conscious and to be honest, I only love about 4 pictures from that shoot. All that is to say, wear your outfit a few times before your shoot. This way, you’ll know that you feel comfortable in it + look great in it!

Want some inspiration? Here are two FULL galleries of my client’s engagement shoots!

Eliab + Esther

Liz + Jackson

There you go! My number one tip for picking out your outfit is to wear it before the shoot! Pretty simple, right?! If you need help figuring out what to wear, I got you! All of my couples have my phone number and can text me with different outfit choices if they need help. Know that once you book me for your shoot, I am your HYPE girl and want to ensure that you look + feel your best for your engagement shoot.

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My #1 Tip for Picking Your Outfit for Your Engagement Shoot

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