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Today’s guest blog is written by Florist, Megan DePaso. Megan owns Fully Bloomed Florals, and runs her business out of Orange County, California. She focuses on creating unique and personalized floral arrangements for brides. Megan is not only a talented florist, but is also a bride-to-be! While planning her own wedding, she took some time to write about 6 “Hidden Gem” Flowers Every Florist Wants You To Know About.

I met Megan during my freshman year of college when she was a club president. I thought she was the coolest person and I definitely looked up to her. Fast forward a few years and both of us are entrepreneurs/business owners in the wedding industry. This past spring I ordered some flowers from her for mother’s day and was impressed with the quality of flowers and unique arrangement. So, here’s 6 “Hidden Gem” Flowers Every Florist Wants You To Know About.

6 Hidden Gem Flowers

So you just got engaged— congrats! You’re knee deep in wedding planning and when it comes to flowers all you know is that you are kind of supposed to have them. You may be thinking about colors or have a favorite flower you’d love to include in your bouquet. But other than that, you might feel stuck.


And I’m here to help. 

I always say that a job with flowers is an easy one because they do all the work. And now while I haven’t come across an ugly flower yet… I have developed a few secret (shh! Don’t tell them) favorites over the years. Now this is not to knock on you greenery and baby-breath loving ladies out there… but here’s hoping that these help extra goodies could help inspire you! 

#1 Ranunculus 

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FLOWER. And it has been the reigning champ for the past three years. If you are local to California, you can even visit a large field of them during the spring months. They come in a variety of colors such as pink, coral, yellow, red, purple- you name it! These are the perfect little guys to add some pops of color to your bouquet. They also feature a lot of movement and whimsy and can add a lot of depth to your bouquet or your centerpieces!

Price: $$
Season: Spring 

#2 Dahlias

This is probably the newest fave for me. Not only do dahlias come in almost every color imaginable, they also come in beautiful variations some with multiple colors. They are HUGE blooms and can be the focal element of your bouquet, or cover a large amount of space in your installations, abor, or centerpieces (which saves you $$)! Certain varieties can be super delicate so make sure you’ve done your research or are working with someone who knows what they are doing! 

Price: $$$
Season: Fall 

# 3 Dried/Preserved Elements

Hopefully you have had some exposure to these babies. They are currently on trend but for very good reasons: they are beautiful and they last F O R E V E R. Not to mention that they enliven your bouquet, centerpiece, or arbor by adding lovely textures and movement. Not only does this look amazing the day of, but the texture elements will pop in your photos! There is so much freedom to either have your entire bouquet dried and preserved or add just a few stems to really enhance your bouquet and completely change the vibe. 

Price: $$-$$$ (varies depending on what kind and where you buy from)
Season: All seasons

#4 Lisianthus 

These lovely ladies are such a great filler flower. They are super feminine, flowy, and can open really big to accent whatever other flowers are around. They, like most of my favorites, come in many many different colors. They range from simple white to very fun colors like purple, peach, and pink. Their stems are really sturdy and can hold up on their own in bud vases or as a part of your bouquet. 

Price: $
Season: Pretty much anytime (specific colors may vary

#5 Wax Flower

Now this might be a controversial statement but I’ll go ahead and say it: baby’s breath is not my favorite filler flower and I think sometimes it is a little overrated and used too frequently. THAT BEING SAID, wax flower is one of my “go-tos”. It is similar to baby’s breath in that it has small blooms and serves as a great accent. However wax flower comes naturally in so many more colors and has incredible texture whether you are spicing up a greenery garland or filling some space in a bouquet or arbor. Wax flower is also incredibly durable so it can withstand heat, or be out of water for longer (say in a boutonniere) than the traditional baby’s breath. 

Price: $$
Season: Anytime! (specific colors may vary)

#6 Huckleberry 

I had to throw at least one greenery guy in here! Now I love me some eucalyptus like the next girl, but huckleberry is really stealing its way into my heart. It is literally perfect if you are going for the wildflower, organic vibe. Its stems are lush, whimsical, and provide so much movement and body to your bouquet. 

Price: $
Season: Summer – Fall

Hopefully this gives you a lil floral inspiration for your upcoming wedding or Trader Joe’s trip!



6 “Hidden Gem” Flowers Every Florist Wants You to Know About—Guest Blog: Fully Bloomed Florals

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