You guys, don’t get me wrong. I love a nice neutral color palette. Whether it be in my own closet or for a photoshoot of a beautiful couple, I’m all about it. But also, can we talk about COLOR for a second!? 

We all know that neutral colors look good in a photograph. You and your honey are able to coordinate a lot easier, your background is able to be a focal point if you’re in a stunning location, and overall, the photograph just looks really clean. But I am here to tell you that if you love wearing color or patterns, WEAR THEM! PLEASE! We need to break the stigma of only wearing neutral tones for photographs (or for just life in general). If you are a spunky, fun-loving, color-wearing guy or gal, please let that personality shine through in the pictures you have taken.

The point of having your photographs taken as a couple is to emphasize not only your love for one another, but your personality as individuals. If your favorite color is a bright turquoise blue, and you feel your best in it… wear it! If you love a deep burgundy floral printed dress… wear it! Your partner is going to look way more comfortable in his favorite Hawaiian shirt than he would in a black button up and tie.

I still urge you to ask your photographer for tips on coordinating the outfit so that you and your honey don’t clash (if you’re having a hard time deciding), but a general rule of thumb is to have one pattern, or one bold color as the “focal point”, and choose more muted, neutral tones to coordinate.

Example: Your man is a big “jeans and white t-shirt” kinda guy. Instead of wearing a black blouse and jeans to compliment him, try wearing a red blouse and jeans instead (especially if this is more your style). 

Try to remember that you are not taking these photos for your Instagram or for Pinterest. You are taking these photos for you and for your memories alone. Let your personality shine! Neutrals are not your only option.

Florals are probably my weakness as far as “bold” goes – what’s yours?!


Why Neutral Colors Aren’t Your Only Option

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