Having a hard time getting your clients to loosen up during their engagement session? Well, my friend – here’s my “best kept secret” for a fun engagement session. I’m letting you in on My Top Playlists for Engagement Sessions. Let’s get into it.

My Go-To’s

If you’re in search of a tried-and-true playlist with some classics to get your couples dancing, this is it. Whether you’re having a session in the middle of the desert or on top of a mountain, your couple will be smiling ear to ear. At just under an hour of play time, it’s the perfect length for a mini session or a quick engagement session. Check out my “Go-to Playlist”!

Downtown Tunes

If your couple is looking for an edgy downtown engagement session, this “Downtown Playlist” sets the mood perfectly. This one is about 20 minutes long, so I’ll start with my “Go-to Playlist” and finish strong with this one. The beginning of most sessions take a little bit of time for couples to start showing their personalities, so this is such a fun one to wrap up the session.

Beachy Vibes

Finally, if the beach is calling… Brock DeHaven created a “California” playlist that offers all the beachy vibes a California lovin’ couple could ask for. Imagine strolling the beach with your toes in the sand and the salt in your hair. This playlist never fails to bring me joy.

Tell me below what playlists are your go-to for sessions! I’m always down to hear more music. If you’re searching for more tips from a destination wedding photographer, my Photo + Biz Tips is the place to be. As always, I’d love to be friends over on Instagram @sarahyatesphoto


My Top Playlists for Engagement Sessions

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