If you’re like me and you are always driving (or sitting in an editing cave for hours on end), music can get a little bit mundane. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person to belt out any song from Encanto (if you know you know ;)) or spit out the lyrics to any 2008 rap songs. But most often, you can find me listening to audiobooks or podcasts. As a full-time wedding photographer, I am always thinking about my business but also sometimes need a little mental break. So today, I’m bringing you my top 3 favorite podcasts.

Make Your Break – Jai Long

This is SO good for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business and continue to educate themselves. His podcasts are perfect for motivation within your business, inspiring you to work harder, and really just getting yourself in the right mindset. Can’t recommend this one enough.

The Good Life – Beba Vowels + Aysia Lanae 

Every time I turn on The Good Life, i know that I am going to walk away feeling like I just had an incredible mentorship with two boss ladies. Beba and Aysia are both photographers (and educators), so I truly take so much away from listening to them collaborate and give insight on how their own businesses have grown.

Pretty Basic – Alisha Marie + Remi Cruz

Content baby, content. ‘Nough said. Tuning in to Pretty Basic instantly transforms me to the Pretty Basic Studio’s pink couch, sipping on Alfred Coffee or Celsius, and preparing for some deep chats. From business advice from 2 successful influencers, to the latest tea on their dating lives, this is a fun one. 

Let me know below what your favorite podcasts or genres are that you listen to! Be sure to head over to my Instagram @sarahyatesphoto – I am always looking for new recommendations within my stories (and I’d really just love to be friends)! And if you’re a photographer searching for the best playlists to hype your clients up, check out my latest blog where I tell you My Top Playlists for Engagement Sessions.


My Favorite Podcasts

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