AH!! You’re engaged! Congratulations, my friend! If you’ve stumbled upon this blog while on your wedding planning journey, make sure to read YAY! You’re Engaged – Now What?! to fill you in on what to do in those first few weeks of saying “yes”. On today’s blog, though, I want to share with you How to Book Your Dream Wedding Photographer – from a wedding photographer and past bride’s view. Let’s goooo!

Step 1:

Book your venue! Yep, that’s right. Step one has nothing to do with your photographer, and everything to do with securing your wedding date. When choosing a venue, be sure to keep in mind the lighting – natural light is a game changer for your wedding photos. Can you get ready on site? If not, are there hotels or Air B&B’s nearby? What are your options for where you can get married on site and where is the sun? If you want me to write out a list of these questions, let me know!

Step 2:

Figure out what photography style you like. Most photographers will fall in 1 of 3 categories when it comes to editing:

  1. Dark, moody, Earthy, sepia tones
  2. Bright & airy
  3. True to color

All 3 are beautiful, but they are very different from one another. Make sure you know what you like!

Step 3:

Make a list of the photographers that have the same style you like. Then it’s time to INQUIRE! Head over to your dream photographers’ websites to fill out an inquiry form. When filling out the inquiry form, be as detailed as possible to allow your photographer to really get a vision of your big day. 

It can be super intimidating (and overwhelming) to reach out to wedding photographers. Make sure to check out The 4 Questions You NEED to Ask Your Wedding Photographer before heading into a consultation call. Let me know below where you’re at in your wedding planning process! As always, let’s be friends over on Instagram @sarahyatesphoto.

Happy Wedding Planning!! 


How to Book Your Dream Wedding Photographer

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