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Are you a new photographer just trying to nail down a style you like? Listen… I hear you. Finding your style as a photographer can be a little intimidating. As you scroll Instagram or Pinterest, you see a variety of vibes that might appeal to you. When I first began my journey as a wedding photographer (and now educator for photographers!), I had an idea of what I liked. As I’ve grown over the years, my style became more profound – but not without experimenting a bit! When trying to nail down your style as a photographer, you should be familiar with the 4 “main” categories. 

4 Main Styles

  1. Light & Airy

    With light and airy editing, there’s a strong focus on the exposure of the image. Colors are often true to color, but are typically brighter and almost have an ‘angelic’ feel to them. These images are able to achieve that ‘angelic’ feel by lowering the contrast and softening the colors.

  2. Dark & Moody

    Dark and moody photography is almost the exact opposite of light and airy. With deeper, richer tones, deeper emotion is conveyed through the contrast and shadows. Typically, these images are edited with a focus on highlights and whites, while deepening the shadows and blacks. Contrast, saturation, and vignette are also important for achieving this look.

  3. Sepia

    Sepia photography typically encompasses those warm, almost vintagey tones. I saw this style described as a “softer manipulation of light” – which hits the nail on the head. Sepia-toned images use yellows, browns, and oranges to create a soft and dreamy aesthetic.

  4. True to Life

    True to life photography may also be referred to as “true to color”. When I began my photography journey years ago, I was drawn to this style (and still am today). This style of photography preserves the integrity of the colors as they were during the shoot – which some enhancing, of course! The skin tones, colors of the grass, the sky, etc. are kept as close to “natural” as possible. 

Now what?

So, I encourage you to ask yourself some questions to help you in finding your style as a photographer. What colors are you drawn to? Are you drawn more towards warm tones or true to color? Do you prefer softer or deeper colors?

My biggest tip above all is to experiment. If there’s a style you feel a pull towards, I encourage you to look into presets. Presets are perfected and designed to help photographers (like you) save time while still creating beautiful images. Hey… speaking of presets 😏 


MY PRESETS (SUNSETS BY SARAH) ARE LAUNCHING ON AUGUST 1st!! 🤩🎉 These presets are perfect for creating images that are true to life with a touch of warmth. Picture an elopement on the beach at sunset. I’ve poured so much of my heart and soul into perfecting each and every detail in these curated presets.

So stay tuned, friend! I cannot WAIT for you to experiment with these presets and help you find your style as a photographer. In the meantime, check out some more photography resources down below ⤵ As always, hit me up on Instagram (@sarahyatesphoto) – I’d love to be friends 🤗

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Finding Your Style as a Photographer

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