How to Make Your Photos Pop in Lightroom

I am a huge Lightroom preset-lover. As a full-time wedding photographer and photography educator, I’ve played around with my fair share of presets. Because let’s be honest: presets are a game changer. But do you ever notice that when you put a preset on an image, it looks artsy, but the image kind of loses its’ life and vibrancy? If you’re ready to break this cycle, I’ve gotchu, friend! I want to let you in on my secret tip to make your photos pop in Lightroom. 💥

How to Make Your Photos 💥 POP 💥

  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Go to your Tone Curve
  3. Navigate to your Parametric Curve
  4. Pull Your Lights UP!

It’s really just that easy! If you want to see this in action, CLICK HERE📱 to watch my Reel on Instagram where I walk you through my secret tip to make your photos pop. And if you’re looking for even more preset tips, tricks, and more… you don’t want to miss my launch of my presets (Sunsets by Sarah) on AUGUST 1st!! But if you just can’t wait, CLICK HERE FOR EARLY ACCESS✨ 

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My Secret Tip to Make Your Photos Pop

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