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Oh, the color green… As a photographer, you either love it or absolutely hate it. I remember when I first started my photography journey in 2018, de-saturating greens was ALL the rage. It was almost as if the color no longer existed in images; I even tried it out for a while.  Looking back, I can pinpoint the exact moment when I used the HSL slider and realized it was time for all my colors to be true-to-color (especially green). If you’ve found yourself wondering how to perfect your greens, here are 3 tips for editing the color green:

Editing the Color Green

  1. Use your HSL Slider

    This might be a simple one, but this is a reminder to not fix your greens through temperature and tint in White Balance. The HSL slider is going to be your best friend. If you’re a beginner photographer, HSL sliders allow you to change hue, saturation, and luminance – designed to closely mimic how the human eye perceives color.

  2. Utilize the Hue Slider

    The Hue slider will allow you the flexibility to guide the exact color you want your greens to be. Pro Tip: Your greens aren’t always green on your HSL. What does that mean?! Play around with the yellow hue first because surprisingly, your greens are actually oftentimes yellow!

    For me, my yellow hue is normally around -11. If the yellow Hue doesn’t make that much of a difference, you can move onto your green and even red hue slider.

  3. Play Around!
    Once your hue is to your liking, play around a bit with saturation. I say “a bit” because the luminance is where I’ve found that I can really bring my greens to life again. Again, don’t just stick to green, play with the yellows because your greens are sometimes yellow. 

I hope these 3 tips for editing the color green come in handy to add some life back into your images. Don’t be afraid to experiment to discover what fits your style best. Looking for more editing tips? I GOTCHU. 

My presets (Sunsets by Sarah) are launching on August 1st! Less than TWO weeks away. But if you can’t wait, CLICK HERE FOR EARLY ACCESS

My Lightroom desktop presets are designed for photographers looking to embrace those true-to-life colors. My goal in creating these was to preserve the colors of your photograph, while making your images 💥 POP 💥 with a soft, feel romantic. What are you waiting for?! Follow me on IG (@sarahyatesphoto) to see these presets in action!


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3 Tips for Editing the Color Green

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