As a full-time wedding photographer and photography educator, I’ve spent a good chunk of time working towards establishing a team approach for my business. When I first began my own journey, I gained experience as a second shooter. Now that I have established an incredible team who serves Sarah Yates Photo, I thought it would be a great time to explain what the difference is between Associates vs. Second Shooters. Whether you’re a bride or a beginner photographer, this is a great one to help you see the difference between the two at Sarah Yates Photo.

Second Shooters

In my business, my second shooters are full-time photographers who attend weddings with me and photograph alongside of me. Throughout the day, they provide assistance, backup gear in case anything goes wrong, and a second body (literally). Second shooters are a game changer for wedding days. All of my packages come with a second shooter because I firmly believe they are invaluable. 

Utilizing a second shooter is great for two main reasons (among several others).

  1. You can get the same shot from 2 different angles. Example: Walking down the aisle. 
  2. You and your second shooter can photograph 2 different events at the same time. Example: I can photograph family portraits while my second shooter is photographing reception details.

Associate Shooters

At Sarah Yates Photo, I consider my associate shooters “team members”. In all respects, these photographers are shooting under my brand. Associates are also full-time photographers but they attend weddings in lieu of me! This allows my team to serve more couples and provide the SYP experience. 

Both of my associate shooters just happen to also be my second shooters when needed – and I love them. For me, having members of my team that embody my brand makes a world of difference. They are experienced, well trained, and are able to take the same photos I would take!

All associate weddings also include a second shooter – so couples are truly getting the same experience as they would if I was physically photographing their wedding. Check out more info on my team HERE!

Now that you know the difference between Associates vs. Second Shooters, I’ve got great news for you! You can find even more photography education down below in the additional Resources. And as always, let’s be friends on the ‘Gram (@sarahyatesphoto).

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Associates vs. Second Shooters

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