Let’s start this off with a bit of a disclaimer, shall we? I’m about to say something very controversial within the photography industry… No, I’m not here to shame any wedding trends, photographers, or anything like that. But I want to share with you the Best (and Worst) Camera Lenses for Wedding Photography. Keep in mind that terms like “best” or “worst” are purely subjective. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive in!

Best Camera Lenses for Wedding Photography


Yep, there. I said it! I am a huge fan of my 24mm lens – which creates some controversy in the photography community. Some photographers feel that it distorts images by exaggerating distances. I haven’t personally had any issues with image distortion, luckily. 

I especially love my 24mm lens for capturing wedding days specifically. With this lens, I feel that I’m able to still maintain closeness with my subjects, even when there’s a ton of them! Many of the wedding days I capture have large wedding parties (which I love). With the 24mm, I’m able to capture everyone in one place. Beyond that, I am even able to be creative with wider shots. 


No surprise here, folks. I keep returning to my trusty 35mm time and time again. The versatility that comes with the 35mm is one of my favorite things about it. Not only am I still able to get those epic wide shots, but I’m able to capture more intimate moments when it comes to portraits. 

The 35mm lens is yet to let me down when it comes to lighting. While lighting isn’t a huge problem in the warmer months, I love knowing that the 35mm will still give me reliable images when the sun sets earlier in the cooler months. I would recommend this lens 100x over – whether you’re a beginner photographer or a well-seasoned pro. 

Worst Camera Lens for Wedding Photography


This one pains me to admit, but I am not a fan of my 50mm lens. It’s written over and over again that a 50mm lens is one of the main lenses that every photographer needs. But since purchasing mine? I’ve only used it a handful of times. It’s simply not one I find myself reaching for.

I love capturing my couples in their element – whether it’s their engagement session or wedding day, I want my couples to have a real feel at what their day looked like. Not only is this why I am a true-to-color photographer, but this is why I don’t reach for my 50mm lens. As much as I love focusing my images on the subjects, there’s something about those wide angle shots. Wider angles allow me to give my couples the ability to look back at their images and remember what the scenery looked like. That incredible sunset at the beach? It’s in the background of their portraits. The rolling hills filled with golden wheat and wildflowers? You can tell how breathtaking the moment really was.

I’d love to hear if any of these lenses on my list surprised you! Shoot me a DM on Instagram (@sarahyatesphoto) and let’s chat. As always, you can find even more photography education down below in the Additional Resources.

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Best (and Worst) Lenses for Wedding Photography

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