Sunset Cliffs elopement

The story of Allie and Ronny’s dreamy Sunset Cliffs, San Diego intimate elopement has to be on elf my favorites. Not only were they such a beautiful, down-to-earth couple, but the way they went about planning their elopement takes the cake. 

Allie and Ronny have always been huge travel bugs. So when planning their elopement, the idea of finding the perfect location was a little bit daunting. After all, how could two travel-lovers narrow done just one place!? That’s when they came up with the idea of all ideas. They had three bowls filled with strips of paper. The first bowl had states in it, the second had the environment (desert, mountains, beach, downtown, etc.), and the third bowl had a month in it. It was truly a spontaneous choice when they pulled out the strips that were California, Sunset Cliffs, and January. And from there? Their beautiful cliffside elopement came to life. 

Sunset Cliffs Elopement

Allie and Ronny’s closest friends and family flew all the way to San Diego to watch them tie the knot overlooking the mesmerizing blue waves of the Pacific. Their intimate ceremony was such a beautiful moment to witness. I love elopements with just the couple, but the emotions are tenfold when family and friends are present. Allie and Ronny’s vows brought not only laughter but sweet tears to both of them. After their cliffside ceremony, there were hugs and high-fives! And then, my favorite moment of the day happened: golden hour romantics. 😌 Sunset Cliffs lives up to its namesake – forever leaving me in awe. Allie and Ronny both looked like naturals dancing around the cliffs and snuggling up to one another. 

When the sun finally set beyond the horizon, everyone returned to the Airbnb Allie and Ronny reserved for some food and champagne. As if their elopement wasn’t iconic enough, they had In-N-Out burgers for their dinner (obsessed). We wrapped up the evening with their first dance and a class convertible getaway car. 

Allie and Ronny’s Sunset Cliffs, San Diego intimate elopement will forever hold a special place in my heart. (While I say that about every session, I mean it every time.) In case you missed my latest blog, Sunset Cliffs is just one of the Best Places to Elope in California! Looking for more beautiful couples to swoon over?! CLICK HERE And as always, let’s be friends on Instagram (@sarahyatesphoto). 


Sunset Cliffs, San Diego Intimate Elopement

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