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As a photographer, you’ve probably heard the word “freebie” tossed around a time or two. Whether you see Jenna Kutcher on your feed or another fellow photographer, odds are, a freebie or two is being pushed. You may find yourself wondering if you should create a freebie (absolutely). And that’s where I come in, friend. I’m walking you through how to create irresistible freebies to grow your email list from beginning to end. Let’s jump in.

What is a freebie?

Freebie, lead generator, and lead magnets are interchangeable terms when it comes to marketing. Whether you are marketing to potential couples or families to photograph, potential mentees, or even potential brands to work with, freebies are an excellent way to do so. 

Once a freebie is created, you will invite your potential clients to download this epic FREE resource! When the link is clicked, the receiver will then enter their email address and receive the PDF or guide in their email immediately.

Why do I need to grow my email list?!

If nobody has told you to not put all your eggs in one basket, let me be the one to do so. Creating an email list brings your marketing beyond Instagram or Facebook. If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s how quickly a platform can change. Instagram used to really push photos, and now they focus on video content. By inviting your followers to follow you to a different platform, you’re able to continue to share your tips elsewhere.

Another benefit of creating an email list is that you have ownership of it. We’ve heard one too many horror stories about IG glitching, and creators losing thousands of followers instantly. Your email list creates another route to continue communication with your clients. 

Start marketing beyond social media. 

How to Create a Freebie

Creating a freebie doesn’t need to be this huge production. It can be quite the opposite, actually. Here’s my step-by-step for how I create my freebies!

Write out what you want to share.

Think back on questions your clients frequently ask you, any guides you’d like to share (perfect for outfit inspo), or maybe some tips you’d like to share with others in your industry. 

Head over to Canva to create.

Canva is my holy grail for all things design. Canva is full of ready-to-use templates, fun embellishments, and endless fonts. Not only is there a free version of the app, you can also upgrade to the premium plan to have access to even more templates and elements. 

Here’s a little example of what your first couple pages should look like. Start with your title page. The second page should be a little introduction, and the rest of the pages will be the bulk of your freebie. Feel free to wrap up your freebie with your socials or a link to another helpful resource (perhaps your blog). 

Add your Freebie into Flodesk.

I personally use Flodesk for my email marketing. Once I started using it, I never looked back. Not only are you able to send out newsletters to keep your clients in the loop, you can also automate a workflow to send emails without touching a thing. The possibilities and capabilities of Flodesk have changed my business for the better.

It’s super user-friendly and allows me to keep track of my email lists! Click HERE to get 50% off your first YEAR with Flodesk!! 🎉

Once you get started with Flodesk, you’ll be able to create an Opt In link for your freebie and add it to a workflow. An opt-in link is where a client or consumer will click and be redirected to a separate window (or tab). Once in the new window, the consumer will enter their name and email address. From there, your Flodesk workflow will automatically send the consumer the free PDF or Guide directly to their email address.

Market, Market, Market!

Alright, friend. You’ve done the fun part. Now, it’s time to market, market, market! A freebie is only as good as the marketing done to get it into clients’ hands. A great route to get your freebie out there is through social media and blogging. Share the freebie on your social media, put a link in your bio, add it to your link page, etc. One of my favorite ways to market my own freebies is a combination of blogging and sharing on social media.

Once I’ve written a blog, I can either work the freebie in naturally, or link it as an additional resource for the reader. I then promote my blog on my IG (@sarahyatesphoto) and direct my followers to either head to the blog or to the link in my bio. 

CELEBRATE your new email list.

‘Nuff said. But the work doesn’t stop there. As you build your email list, keep your subscribers in mind. Whether you want them to be the first to know about some mini sessions launching, a special discount, or some secret mentor sessions, think of them first! Your audience will feel like they are valued, beyond just following you on Instagram.

You’ve got this, friend! Now that you know how to create irresistible freebies to grow your email list, I can’t wait to see your first freebie. Shoot me a DM on Instagram (@sarahyatesphoto) to share with me. And as always, you find more biz tips below in my additional resources.

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Affiliate Link Disclaimer: If you click the link I’ve provided for Flodesk, it may be an affiliate link. This means that I will be paid a percentage of qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you).

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How to Create Irresistible Freebies

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