Iris and Brent’s engagement session was truly coastal luxury. They had opted for a blue-hour beach session. When we arrived we were not expecting the beach to be quite this busy and in all honesty, I was a little nervous, but I quickly pushed those feelings to the side and focused on dodging the crowds. With their session taking place just under an hour until nightfall, we made the absolute most of it under the moonlit sky! It quickly became high tide but that didn’t stop them from running up and down the shores and through the waves! To see Iris and Brent embrace what others might have labeled as “inconveniences” was truly inspiring. 

Throughout the session, it was just them. Loving each other, laughing, running, and holding hands. Even though the sun went down, I can’t help but appreciate the drastic difference in lighting this session holds. It encouraged me to appreciate the moodier yet crisp tone of the pictures toward the end of the session. To my fellow photographers out there: I want to encourage you to not be afraid if things don’t go as planned. As cliche as it sounds “go with the flow” but really you never know what kind of magic you can witness and capture if everything always went as planned. Iris and Brent embraced it and it stirred a question within me,“I can too right?” Friends, you can!


Laguna Beach Blue Hour Engagement Session

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