As a full-time wedding photographer and educator, I know how overwhelming it can be having a ton of information thrown at you. When you log onto Instagram or Pinterest, you’re bombarded with courses and guides for sale. If you’re a new photographer still trying to figure out what path you’re on, the last thing you want to do is invest $$$, only to find out that the course/guide was entirely not worth it. Look, I’ve been there. And it sucks. My goal for today’s blog was to put together the TOP 7 FREE RESOURCES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS in one place! Let’s jump in. 

Free Resources

5 Mistakes I Made When Starting My Business

While you may not have just started your biz, this one is still 100% applicable. I’ve been running my photography business for several years now; I’ve learned a lot. This is one of my fave resources to help ensure you avoid the same mistakes I made 😅

The Importance of Having a Contract

If you don’t have a contract in place for every single session, this is your sign to stop that 🤣 Whether you’re photographing your old high school friends’ family or someone you’ve never met, you need to have a contract in place. Bonus: I share exactly where I snag my rock-solid contracts ✨

Time-Blocking for the Entrepreneur

You. Need. This. Freebie. Get ready to say ‘goodbye’ to struggling to establish a work-life balance and all things burnout. I’ve spent way too much of my time living through those unhealthy work habits. Stay on top of it and claim your FREEBIE, friend!

How to Avoid Getting Ghosted

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a dream inquiry and finding yourself ghosted after replying to them. My business partner, Morgan Elizabeth, with The Candid Community (education for photographers) has put together the ultimate email template to help YOU avoid getting ghosted. This resource has helped us immensely. 

How I Backup My Images

If you’re a new photographer (or even a well-seasoned pro), you probably have a system for backing up your images. But I swear by this one. I use 3 easy steps to make sure nothing ever happens to my clients’ images. I mean, we’ve all heard those horror stories of a corrupted memory card or worse… 

Associates vs. Second Shooters

Trying to scale your biz by adding more members to your team?! Establishing a team was one of the best things I did for my business. Check out this resource for the nitty-gritty on what the difference is (both in your photography biz AND legally). 

Best (and Worst) Lenses for Wedding Photography

I’m sharing my hot takes on what the best (and worst) lenses are when it comes to capturing weddings. Lenses are expensive, so if I can help you avoid spending your hard earned money… I will. Check out some of my GALLERIES to see my lenses in action.

There we have it! My Top 7 Free Resources for Photographers. If you’re still looking for even more photography education, a mentorship might be the way! I have 3 separate options for photogs just like you looking to scale their biz + make it sustainable. 

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Top 7 Free Resources for Photographers

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